Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy shares the common mission of Catholic education to proclaim the message of Jesus, to create Christian community, to worship God, and to serve each other and the world. Our school exists to provide an environment of teaching and learning based on Catholic values and the tradition of Catholic education which meets the needs of a diverse student body. Upon graduation from our school, students will be well prepared for success in high school and beyond. We enable and support parents as the primary educators of their children.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy is a parochial school that is under the auspices of the local Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. In 1927, during the time of religious persecution in Mexico, Bishop Cantwell of Los Angeles invited the Sister Servants of the Blessed Sacrament to aid the Parish by educating the children of the twin cities, Calexico and Mexicali.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy is a faithful Catholic Community of Educators and families who work within the school community to help foster growth in the young minds and hearts of its’ student body to be faithful, moral and educated person’s within their society. All teaching, prayer and learning experience are made in light of this vision. This learning community has a unified vision of living and fostering the following values in all its student, faculty and family members:

C- Cares for other’s needs

H- Has a personal friendship with God

R- Respects other’s differences

I- Incorporates Catholic Morals and Values into daily life

S- Strives for Academic Excellence

T- Technologically wise and responsible


Pastor-Miguel Campos

Associate - Fr. Carlos Rojas

Principal: Sr. Maria Elvia Gonzalez

Vice Principal: Mrs. Rosemary

Vice Principal: Mrs. Erica Torres