Open to students from 4th-8th grade.  Students in choir develop their singing talent/abilities and serve the entire school community during the various liturgical celebrations.  Students are welcome to audition (limited spaces are available).



Associated Student Body is a board of officers and representatives elected by the students to plan and enact activities to provide leadership and share responsibility for a successful year.
Students must maintain good academic and disciplinary standards to run for, participate in and remain as part of ASB.
During elections, all candidates running for office must abide by all verbal or written rules or be in danger of being disqualified.

Students from the Academy have the privilege of serving at the altar of Eucharistic celebrations under the training and supervision of parish priests.



These clubs are dedicated to prayer, spiritual growth and charitable service to the community. Students of these clubs become more involved in ministry with the Catholic Church.



Open to students from 6th-8th. This group meets every second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am at our convent.


Curriculum may be defined as “all guided experience of the student under the direction of the school.” Includes all subjects as well as academic development: student’s physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth. The Academy wants to help students form the right understandings, attitudes and habits not only in connection with subject matter, but also in each and every school experience.
The Academy strives to offer a well-rounded academic program following the guidelines given by both the Diocese of San Diego and California State Standards

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