Parishioners are encouraged to consider Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy for the education of their children.



1. For students currently enrolled in PreK-7, registration for the new school year takes place in February or March.

New students are registered during March-April. By the end of February parents must notify the office if child will be enrolling for the next school year; Children not enrolled by May 30th  will automatically be dropped and their space will become available for new registers.

Registration fee must be paid at time of registration.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

2. No registration will be accepted without: - baptismal and birth certificates. - health immunization records.

3. Transfer student must submit report cards, health records, a letter of recommendation from the previous school, letter stating you have met your financial responsibility as per your contract at your previous school and an academic transcript.



Parents, teachers and students are all members of this community. All families are expected to comply with the contract signed during registration. Parents are the primary educators of their children and should maintain a Catholic atmosphere at home by: - encouraging regular family prayer and a wholesome home environment. - attending Sunday Mass and community involvement.

Parents are responsible for:

• Reading this handbook and understanding the academy’s policies, rules and philosophy.

• Signing all pertinent documents                        

• Registering their email on Gradelink and being proactive in checking their children’s progress on a regular basis. Attending three P.T.G. meetings during the year.

• Attending Back to School Night.

• Attending parent-teacher scheduled conferences.                                                        

* Being supportive of all PTG functions, activities and events such as Sports Day, Dinner Dance, Get Together and other various fundraisers. Attending parenting talks, Parent’s retreats or whatever program/service is offered during the school year. Parents are invited to participate in the daily rosary held at the convent's chapel at 8:00 a.m.

*Parents are invited to participate in school masses.

P.T.G. (Parent- Teacher Group)
The Parent- Teacher Group’s purpose is to:

• Promote an appreciation of Catholic Education.

• Make use of resources at home and school to provide the best education possible.

• Provide a forum of communication for parents and teachers.
• Provide a solid organization to improve the academy’s fund-raising efforts.

• Integrate families into the life of the Academy



In order to serve you in a more efficient manner, it is required that you call our office or come in personally to set up an appointment with the principal if you wish to discuss any matters concerning your child or school policies. The principal will be available upon scheduled appointments. Please take into consideration the principal will tend to students, classes, observations, faculty, staff and other important administrative affairs. Every effort will be made to see you in a timely manner. Please respect this policy and make the necessary arrangements when you need to meet with the principal. When you phone for an appointment please provide the following information:
• Your name, phone #, and email where you may be reached.
• The name of your child.
• The purpose of your appointment.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy.